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Galenas is a patient-focused, craft cannabis cultivator located in Akron, Ohio.

We utilize first-in-class technology to produce the highest grade medical cannabis for patients throughout the Buckeye state. Our leadership team is comprised of professionals from a number of fields including horticulture, manufacturing, law, sales and marketing, supply chain management, quality control, and product development.

Galenas LLC received a Level II medical marijuana provisional cultivation license in November, 2017. We have put together a top-tier team of cannabis and horticultural experts to design an entirely different and sustainable cultivation environment. Quality and efficiency have informed every aspect of our operation, from facility design to growing media to lighting. Our goal is to sell only the highest-quality, naturally grown medical marijuana in Ohio. Our focus is our patients, and sole purpose is providing real medicine for real medical needs.

Evidence Based Medicine

Our goal at Galenas is to provide Ohio patients with the right medicine for their particular condition while avoiding so many of the side-effects and long term issues that are currently caused by conventional treatment options.  We applaud the state of Ohio for identifying 21 conditions that will benefit from the use of medical marijuana, and we will continue to work with the state to include new conditions as new evidence to support their inclusion becomes available.

Why Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis has proven itself time and again to be an effective and safe medicine when used appropriately and under the recommendation of a physician. It is approved in Ohio to treat 21 conditions ranging from cancer and AIDS to epilepsy, PTSD, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain, among others.

Words from CEO

We are incredibly excited to be able to build this business in Ohio. This amazing medicine is finally available to our neighbors that so desperately need it. Our focus is and will continue to be providing naturally grown medicine for patients in northeast Ohio

– Geoffrey Korff, Founder and CEO